Aria is a fantasy and paranormal author who writes
for readers of all ages. Her new series, Vampirica
follows the loves and lives of Lily and Avery, brave and beautiful witches. The Vampirica universe overflows with vampires and dhampirs, dangerous and dazzling, who
make love and war on shifting nightscapes in North America,
Australia and the ancient, Icelandic Galdrar Academy.   




First Love

The new paranormal romance
series, VAMPIRICA is finally here and
has launched on Amazon. If you love dark vampires, sweet romance and
exciting action, get a copy of First Love, book one in the VAMPIRICA more



Hot on the heels of First Love, book two
in the VAMPIRICA series, Elusive is available on Amazon. Hang on as
the romance and action step up another
notch. Who will entrance Lily, the alluring yet dangerous, Tarek or the loyal and loving, Flynn?



Book three in the VAMPIRICA series, Soulmate is here. After reaching the ancient Galdrar Academy Lily discovers strange creatures, blue thermal lakes and snow-capped mountains. Will she embrace old magic and confront her fears to find her soulmate?


Watch this space
If you enjoyed Lily Winter’s journey in
the Vampirica series, stay tuned for her protégé, Avery Ruberio’s story. She’s a feisty, unpredictable witch, but that’s understandable given her vampiric heritage. Witchery (Vampirica 4) will
feature a new witch with attitude while keeping a close eye on Lily’s life.