First Love - Book one

Lily Winter has never had time for boyfriends. All she has ever wanted is to be a doctor, but her life is unraveling. With the death of her father and her life coming apart at the seams, she and her mother move oceans to the watercolor world of Wicklow. In the midst of her pain, she meets Flynn Cooper—intelligent, handsome and caring. Their attraction to each other soon proves overwhelming and undeniable. Flynn’s wealthy and ancient family hide dark secrets and Lily finds herself ensnared in their strange world. After meeting his charismatic and hypnotic father, her life becomes increasingly complicated leaving her to question everything about the universe she held as true. When the Ruberios call upon her to help their family, Lily discovers her decisions can’t be undone, entrapping her in a terrifying web.


Tarek’s Story Vampirica 1.5

Bonus chapters about Tarek’s dark past, his first love, how he came to be the vampiric leader of the Ruberio clan and why he and Vincent Berisha don’t get on too well.

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Vampirica Series

Elusive - Book two

Hot on the heels of First Love, book two in the VAMPIRICA series,
Elusive is due for release next week on Amazon.


Soulmate - Book three

Here’s a sneak peek of book three in the VAMPIRICA series, Soulmate,
which is almost ready!