Elusive - Book two

Lily Winter flees from Tarek, the vampiric leader of the Ruberios,
and the terrifying Berisha clan while mourning her young friend’s death. Although desperately missing Flynn, she flies alone across the world to an uncertain future. A shocking surprise awaits her in Australia, spinning her belief and trust into chaos. Will her blossoming romance with gorgeous Flynn ramp to a new level?
Or will she fall under the glamour of the hot and irresistible Tarek?

Follow Lily as she races to develop her witchcraft while balancing her dream to become a doctor. Venture deeper with her into a world of new witches and dhampirs and discover whether she can find the courage to evade and fight dark vampiric forces.


Tarek’s Story Vampirica 1.5

Bonus chapters about Tarek’s dark past, his first love, how he came to be the vampiric leader of the Ruberio clan and why he and Vincent Berisha don’t get on too well.

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Vampirica Series

Soulmate - Book three

Here’s a sneak peek of book three in the VAMPIRICA series, Soulmate, which is
almost ready!